The Bargain Makeup Brushes From eBay (That Are Totally Instagrammable)

Some things in life are just too pretty to resist. As soon as I saw Roxanne from The Beauty Kingdom post a picture of these gorgeous makeup brushes on her Instagram account, I knew I just had to have some. She kindly forwarded me the link and before I knew it I had ordered some for myself! Although I know many people buy beauty products from eBay and have got some complete bargains, I've never gotten in on the act myself. In fact, I think these brushes were my first ever eBay beauty purchase...shocking! Amazingly, these only cost £5.89 for a set of 8 make-up brushes- for this price, I assumed the quality wouldn't be that great and just thought they would make great blog photo props, but I actually quite like them!

The 8-piece set (which you can find on eBay here), features gorgeous rose-gold handles- hence why I was going to use them as blog cliche! They don't feel cheap at all; each brush is lightweight and the bristles are incredibly (and surprisingly) soft on your skin. I was worried that the bristles would shed, as they do with some cheaper beauty tools, but I haven't experienced any of this so far. They took around 10 days to arrive, but delivery was free so I wasn't too bothered about this! Within this elegant little set, you get a powder brush, angled contour brush, flat contour brush, foundation brush, fanned highlighter brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush and an angled eyebrow brush. The latter can easily double up and be used to apply eyeshadow along your lash line, but is probably a tad too chunky to apply gel eyeliner. I didn't receive a powder brush, and instead got what seems to be a more compact eyeshadow brush- it seems OK so this doesn't bother me!

Some personal favourites include the angled contour brush, highlight brush and the (first) eyeshadow brush which is perfect for blending shadow due to its bigger surface area and fluffy, light texture. If you flick through the photos, you will see that the eBay seller also sells some funkier looking brushes (very mermaid-esque), but as I like more classic things I went for the rose-gold. These have really opened my eyes as to what beauty bargains you can actually get on eBay, although I'm still yet to buy an actual product as opposed to beauty tools. If you regularly buy from eBay, I'd love to hear your experiences of buying makeup on there so please let me know what it's like!

You can follow The Beauty Kingdom on Twitter here and also on Instagram- her feed is absolute goals so do check it out!

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  1. I'd be way too afraid of fakes to buy any actual makeup from ebay or aliexpress! But I've heard a lot of good things about cheap brush sets from ebay and Amazon. Although all the Amazon sets I've seen are pretty utilitarian and definitely not Instagram-worthy, lol. These are super pretty and it's great that they're actually good quality too!

  2. Really pretty, going to check them out! Great idea to use as blog photo props!


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