Gel Nails For £1.99? Introducing Aldi's Amazing New Nail Varnish Range

I don't know what it is about snapping up an absolute bargain, but doesn't it feel good? Knowing you've found something amazing and not had to fork out for it is hugely satisfying, and finding a beauty product that really does work but doesn't leave your purse feeling significantly lighter leaves me wanting to tell everyone about it. This is the case with these limited edition nail varnishes- from Aldi of all places! I have tried skincare from Aldi's beauty range, Lacura, before and it actually isn't half bad, so when I received an email about the launch of some Lacura gel nail varnishes I got very excited. With four shades to choose from, a gel top coat and a range of nail treatments, these are 100% worth picking up whilst you do your food shopping as they've become one of my favourite beauty products right now!

I tried two of the colours; I was initially sent 'Pinky Nude' to try out, and loved it so much I went out and bought 'Stormy Grey' along with the gel top coat! As you can see, the name is quite misleading and the pink shade is not very 'nude'. Instead, it is a gorgeous, pastel baby pink colour that is both bright and pretty to wear. Although the grey isn't very summery, I often wear quite 'boring' colours like nudes, beiges and greys on my nails so it is perfect for me! Again, the name doesn't match the colour as it actually has more brown tones to it, but regardless I really love both shades. There is also 'Exotic Pink' and 'Coral Fusion' which are an incredibly summery bright pink and orange-coral respectively. These nail varnishes needed a standard two coats to reach opacity, which is better than I expected considering the price!

What I was most impressed with was their longevity. As I tried the pink shade before I bought the top coat, I had to go without the gel effect. Even without this top coat (which is supposed to make your manicure last even longer), the colour lasted around 4-5 days before it started chipping. It is an incredibly resilient formula that is truly impressive even without the added gel coat. I think a gel top coat would extend its life by another day or two, so it isn't entirely necessary, but does give that lovely glossy look that the gel effect is so loved for. You could pick up the colour varnish and still be wow-ed by that alone. The brush is also spot on; I much prefer a chunky, flat brush with nail varnishes as it provides a more efficient application. It can easily coat nails in a couple of strokes and leaves the formula evenly applied and non-streaky. It also dries really quickly- I am quite clumsy and impatient and almost always end up smudging my nails before they have had the chance to dry properly, but the first nail you paint will be dry by the time you've finished painting the last. Not only does this mean no ruined nails for folk like me, but you can instantly go back and apply a second coat without having to wait around and waft your nails to get them to dry faster!

Overall, these nail varnishes have seriously impressed me and have become my favourite to wear at the moment. Long-lasting, efficient application, gorgeous colours, quick-drying and only a measly £1.99 each...really, what more could you ask for?! They have given these gel nail varnishes from Rimmel a run for their money. My opinion? Ditch those Rimmel ones and head to Aldi! A couple of quid well spent!

Have you ever tried Aldi's beauty range? Which nail varnish brands are you loving at the moment?

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  1. Oooh these sound really good and I love getting a bargain. I'm really impatient as well so I need my polishes to dry fast. These seem perfect for me! I'll be looking in my nearest Aldi next time I pop in. xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. I was really impressed! They are limited edition so not sure how long they will be around but hopefully you'll be able to find some! xx

  2. These sound so great and for such a great price! Wish i painted my nails more. xx

    Lucy |

  3. This Nail polish is excellent I love my nails to look clean and shiny this polish certainly gives the best results well done Aldi 💅👍😊😊


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