Max Factor CC Stick: Colour Correction for Dark Circles

Whether it's one too many nights out, staying up late to finish work, or the general stresses of everyday life, you'd be lucky if you didn't suffer from the occasional dark circle. Although I wish they were, the bags under my eyes are definitely not Chanel, and I would rather they didn't exist so prominently. Dullness around your under eye area is one of the most tell-tale signs of stress and fatigue, and can age even the most youthful skin. While concealer can do a pretty good job at hiding it, CC (colour correction) products can be used to add that extra little bit of brightness.

My morning routine has for so long consisted of concealer and highlighting products in order to brighten up my eyes after long nights studying (and definitely not hitting the vodka, ahem). While it was OK, darkness underneath my eyes was still fairly visible. Max Factor have introduced these handy little CC sticks specifically designed to combat dark under-eye circles, and they sure do work a treat.

Within this CC range, there are 5 different colours to choose from- each purporting to a specific skin need. The green stick helps fight redness, purple battles dullness, pink and peach act as different types of highlighters, while this yellow one specialises in under eye darkness. Each colour acts to neutralise certain tones within your skin, helping to create a perfectly even base. They remind me a lot of the skin care equivalent to the Clinique chubby stick ranges.

While I cannot vouch for the other colours, the under eye corrector is amazing for brightening tired-looking eyes. I find it works best underneath a little bit of concealer or light foundation for a subtle lift, but if you prefer some gentle highlighting, it can be used over the top of base make-up, just above your cheekbone, for a more wide-eyed, youthful look.

The sticks themselves are super soft and creamy, blending into the skin perfectly. No make-up brush is necessarily needed, as I find it tends to work best when patted and blended with your finger. Be sure to blend gently though, as the under eye area is incredibly delicate! The crayon shape makes application a doddle and precise, and the twist-up feature means there's no wastage through sharpening.

These are great little products which can be incorporated so easily into your make-up routine in order to make a big impact. Now no-one will ever be able to tell how much gin you had last night...

These retail for £8.99 in Boots, Superdrug, or online. Which of the CC stick colours is your favourite?



  1. I just made a superdrug order and so wish I had picked this up and read this first, definitely sounds like something my bags need! xxx


    1. It's so good, I really want to try the other colours out too! Xxx


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