Gorgeous No-Heat Curls

Although many women would kill for straight hair, I've always wished beautiful curls would replace my straight, lifeless barnet. Usually, especially for a night out, I'd curl my hair in order to try and get the bouncy waves I've always dreamed of. No matter how much hairspray and other precautions I'd used, the curls would have dropped out by the end of the day/night. Plus, the constant heated curling had not done ANY favours for my hair (poor split ends, *sob*).

Soft, no-heat curls

I'd seen this little trick on YouTube from numerous videos- curls without the heat and extensive damage. All you need is damp-ish hair and a fairly wide headband. And hands. It seemed pretty foolproof so I gave it a go.

When your hair is almost dry, all you do is plonk the headband on your head, so that the front part rests on your forehead, and the back part on the top of you neck. (See photo if this makes no sense). Then you take small inch sections of hair and weave it over and through the headband- taking the hair towards you head, then pulling it back through under the band. Keep repeating this for both sides, until you get to the awkward bit where the last bits of hair meet at the middle at the back of your head. Take both last sections together and tuck them underneath until there are no more loose pieces.

Nice headband!

It's probably far easier to do / see in the pictures than it is reading my explanation! (It's more difficult than you think to put into words).

Taking a photo of the back of your head isn't easy!

Sleep with this headband full of hair in, and when you wake up the next morning, gently shake the curls out. They might need a bit of persuasion, but try not to brush them out just yet. The curls should look like the picture below.

Run your fingers through them just to loosen the curls- if you think they're good to go then don't bother with the next stage. If not, then gently brush through the curls until they are as soft as you want them.

I think these curls are better than any heated tools can provide you with. They look really natural and have such excellent staying power- no hairspray needed! I find that the curls remain even the next day, so definitely no need to get those curlers out every morning. This is fast becoming my everyday hair look!

Do you have any no-heat hair tricks?

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