My First Experience with Clairvoyancy

I have always been interested in the supernatural. Although I've never had any personal experiences, I am fascinated by all things paranormal and spent a lot of my spare time listening to podcasts, reading stories and watching documentaries on the topic. I've also always believed in some form of afterlife (although still haven't formed complete opinions on what it consists of), and my intrigue has led me to want to explore this further by going to see a medium or clairvoyant for as long as I can remember.

A couple of family members had seen a psychic near my old home town of High Wycombe, but as I moved away for university when I turned 18, I never got the chance to see this lady who had always seemed very accurate in her readings. After six years of wanting to go and see someone but never getting round to actually doing it, I finally booked in to see someone in Brighton at a place called Mysteries. Interestingly, I couldn't find too many clairvoyants near me by way of Google search (which I found strange for such an open-minded place like Brighton) and had no personal recommendations to go by, so I settled for this place I had seen many a time wondering through town. Part of me was sceptical, especially given that in Brighton this kind of thing likely serves to reap that easy tourist dolla, but it was the best I could find for now so I took the plunge and went in with an open mind.

One thing I was very wary about was giving too much away. I have heard of the 'tricks of the trade', so to speak, and so wanted to be a closed book, as much as I could, and not give too much information to feed off. As I've mentioned, I am a believer when it comes to all things spiritual and so didn't go in with a completely negative mindset. However, the more the session went on, the more  disappointed I was getting. The mediumship side of things (connecting with spirits from the 'other side') didn't bring anything I could relate to; I didn't expect anything, but deep down hoped that I would get to connect with loved ones that I had naturally any person would. And to be honest, the distinct lack of accuracy made me realise just how generic the statements being given were.

The same goes for the tarot cards, which was also a first for me. I couldn't relate to a single thing that was said- if there was an inkling of resemblance, I think it was my mind trying to desperately find a link to salvage what I could from the reading. In fact, many things that were brought up were the complete opposite of what the reality is in my life. One conversation I found funny went like this: 'do you have any pets?' 'yes', 'a dog?', 'no', 'a cat?', 'no',...'what is it then?', as if this were a complete guessing game. Near the end of the reading, I gave up and mentioned things that have happened in my life that I may want guidance on, and the reading started to be morphed into whatever could fit my story, as though I was being told what they thought I wanted to hear. To top it off, we finished up with the clairvoyant insisting on a hug before kissing me on the cheek for far longer than seemed necessary or appropriate, which left me with an overall 'WTF did I just experience' vibe when I walked out of the room and out of the building. In some ways, I expected nothing less!

I am genuinely a bit disheartened by the whole experience; to feel almost scammed by something I was so interested in. Although all clairvoyancy and belief in something other than this world may be seen as foolish to some, this kind of thing comes down to personal belief. I went in with faith in something spiritual, and whilst this experience wasn't the best way to start my dabbling with psychics, it hasn't changed my core beliefs. It's such an incredibly personal thing, and I don't think I would be put off by seeing a clairvoyant again...although next time I might wait for some personal recommendations rather than going in blind and choosing somewhere right in the centre of a very touristy town. If you know of anyone in the Sussex area that may be able to help me out, please do hit me up! In any event, if this reading was accurate, Stewart is going to propose in 4 weeks so stay tuned for a big announcement...

Have you ever seen a clairvoyant or medium? I'd love to hear your experiences, whether you are a believer or sceptic!

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  1. This is so interesting. Personally, I am way too scared to see any clairvoyant as I am not rational-minded and so will just believe anything they say and twist it into how it could relate to my life. If they had any bad news, I'd annxiously anticipate bad things to happen even if I tried to convince myself it wasn't true.
    It's a shame your experience was so bad, but unfortunately they often just seem to take advantage of your deepest hopes and of people being at a point in their life when they need guidance.
    I am sooo interested in doing tarot do, just for myself, and using it as a guidance for where to focus my energy rather than in hopes of it predicting my future, and really want to find a good tarot deck.
    The clairvoyant's kiss sounds soooo inappropriate and uncomfortable, they really should not have done that.
    Also, the last sentence killed me about Steward proposing ahahahhaha. But hey, who knows? :D

    1. I don't think they're 'allowed' to tell you the bad things that they 'see'. And I've heard a lot of people using tarot for general guidance in their lives...I think this was just a bad experience! And watch this space re stewart ;) xx

  2. This doesn't surprise me - I've seen three different ones over the years, and i think the time in my life I was at I hung things off those very generic statements and believed in what they had to say. But upon reflection they were utter crap and made no sense whatsoever; the majority are glorified performance artists who are just good at reading people.

    Although I do know the one you're talking about and have heard so many things over the years - I think that she knew your mum was pregnant with you before anyone did!

    1. It's difficult to find someone in such a touristy town like Brighton. I actually ended up going to the Spiratualist Church after this and it was incredible. I'm looking at going back soon- if there's one in Wycombe I'd deffo recommend! xx

  3. I saw one when I’d had my accident a few years ago before I started Teacher Training. It was a bit up in the air whether I’d be ok to start my course. She told me I would move to London, but she could see me working in an office and driving around (she described the car). She also said I would get married down here. I got married and I’m hoping to leave teaching this year, so who knows. Helen xx

    1. Very interesting! I've heard such different things...I think it completely depends on who you see. xx


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