The Ultimate Spot-Buster: Skyn Iceland Anti-Blemish Gel

Don't I just love to cover the most glamourous topics on this site: first hair loss and now spots! Regardless of the ideas of 'beauty' which surround them, for most, spots are just one of those every day realities which we all suffer from. We may not like them, but that won't stop them springing up the night before an occasion! Although since my teenage years I've been using the same old tried-and-tested tea tree spot gel that my mum uses, after using this Skyn anti-blemish gel my old favourite seems incredibly slow and almost useless at reducing the size of those nasty pimples. You may not swoon at how pretty your purchase is, but this spot-buster will be the most useful and efficient beauty product you'll buy in a long time.

This Icelandic brand is one which I haven't really heard much about, but stumbled across courtesy of my cousin. I knew I should really branch out and maybe try a different spot cream to my usual, and after seeing it sat in my beauty stash for a while, thought I'd put it to the test. After the first use, I knew I was onto a winner. Probably through stress, I have had quite a few breakouts recently, so what better time to test out the Skyn anti-blemish gel! The formula is very thin and runny, so be extra careful when squeezing the tube. In fact, I find that I don't have to squeeze it at all; the product which naturally 'seeps' (what a horrid word) out is more than enough to cover a good few spots due to the formula being so thin. Just dab a little bit of the liquid/gel onto your spot, and overnight it will reduce in size.

I've had some real huge spots recently- you know the ones you can feel emerging and taking over your face? Popping some of this Skyn spot gel on before I go to bed every night has honestly worked wonders. The spots are reduced in size, the redness is visibly lessened and the blemish disappears within a couple of days. What's even better is that it gets rid of these bad boys without leaving any form of dryness around the spot. I can't quite believe how quickly this works! The formula of the anti-blemish gel contains vitamins, anti-oxidants and Burdock root extract which is supposed to hydrate the skin- a plus compared to other products which just seem to dry the spots up. What's more is that this product contains Willow Bark- renowned for unique properties which are often used to help with acne. It boasts anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties to help reduce the swelling, soreness and redness whilst keeping the area clean to help speed up 'recovery'.

Overall, this is a great product that has worked like a miracle on my spots! It costs £13- a lot more than my usual Superdrug Tea Tree oil- but you get so much use out of this. As said, you need the tiniest amount and a little really does go a long way. I couldn't live without it!

Do you have a spot-busting miracle product? Have you tried anything from Skyn Iceland?

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