Choose Your Side: Pamper Beauty Routine vs Efficient Skin-care

It’s a fact of life: people are busier and our days appear to be getting shorter than ever before. Do you ever get that feeling that all you ever do is wake up, work, eat, sleep and repeat?  As modern lives become increasingly jam-packed with globalised work opportunities and inter-connected down-time through social media, it seems that no-one ever switches off. With city pollution levels, tiredness and stress inevitably having an impact on our skin and general well-being, our ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles seem to have split the beauty world in two. One option is the take a moment in the evening to pause and use a refined skin-care routine as an excuse for a pamper. The other is to make skin-care as efficient and fuss-free as possible, aided by innovative products such as Hellenia’s ProDerma powders. 

There is nothing better than running a bubble bath filled with luscious aromatherapy oils, using your favourite body butters and treating your skin to a plethora of lovely products. Having a strict skin-care routine myself, particularly when it comes to the evenings, I do enjoy the ‘time-out’ element. Putting that portion of time in your busy day to purely indulge yourself, even if it’s in a small, simple way such as putting on a face mask or using that face oil that leaves your skin glowing. It’s a great way to de-stress after a long day and an important way to remember that you need to take time to look after yourself whenever you get the slightest chance to.

On the other hand, sometimes we are simply too busy to faff around with all of those lotions and potions. They may feel luxurious to apply, but in a world when we are constantly connected and feel like our evenings are getting shorter by the day, sometimes efficiency has to take priority. I know I get in every day, make dinner, shower and then am left wondering how on earth I only have a couple of hours left of my evening before I have to go to bed ready for another day of work.  A bit of self-indulgence may be wonderful from time to time, but in our day to day lives, maybe it’s more important to spend some quality time with your partner/family/dog or even take some time out by catching up on your favourite TV shows or getting stuck in to a good book than wasting your evening applying creams to your face.

A common misconception is that efficiency doesn’t equate to effectiveness. But this doesn’t have to be the case. More and more we are seeing brands creating supplements that may seem scary at first, but are actually great products that can truly give your skin a boost! Many people take supplements to strengthen their hair and nails, so why don’t we take the same approach to skincare? Hellenia, for one, do a wonderful range of supplements that can be used for a range of things. Their new ProDerma Hydrolised Marine Extract Collagen powder is quite ingenious. It recognises the effect those external factors are having on our skin and provides a quick-fix to boost our body’s natural collagen production (the element which helps our skin retain moisture and is better known for aiding firmness and smoothness). With Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and green tea powder within the list of ingredients, this berry flavoured powder is such an easy and tasty way to get that collagen and anti-oxidant boost without having to spend loads of time applying different creams. Just mix it in with your favourite morning drink and reap the benefits. Although you should still use a cleanser and moisturiser alongside this to take off make-up, supplements like this will certainly make better use of your time without having to compromise on your complexion.

So, I’m still in two minds about which side I would pick, although I’m steering more towards efficiency! I think these powder supplements are a really interesting and effective way to give your skin a little pep without having to think too much about which cream to apply after another, but then you certainly can’t beat a pamper every now and then! I’d love to hear your thoughts as to which side you would choose, whether you’ve tried any powder supplements and what you think of them!

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Hellenia ProDerma but all opinions are my own.

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