Lacking In The Lash Department? These Kiy-oshi Serums Will Be A Lifesaver (Plus WIN A Pair To Try For Yourself!)

If there's one thing I always recommend to anyone who talks to me about trichotillomania or hair-loss in general, it's a good eyelash serum. Once a little-known beauty product, these conditioning serums are starting to get a lot more accessible. Whether you are urging your lashes to grow back through faster, or just trying to reinforce your existing lashes after mascara or false-lash damage, conditioning your lashes is just as important as conditioning the hair on your head or applying moisturiser to your skin. Your eyelashes and eyebrows aren't exempt from the same potential damage, and investing in a good serum such as this Kiy-oshi duo is a great way to ensure you keep your lashes looking their best.

You might think about how your hair might be damaged through heat or dyes, or how your skin is exposed to UV rays and pollution and act accordingly. We use these treatments regularly, but often forget about the hairs that make up your eyelashes and eyebrows. Nineteen years of pulling my eyelashes out, and six years of pulling at my eyebrows has left the hair incredibly weak, damaged and stubby when it eventually comes back through. I'm sure many trichotillomania sufferers can relate! Even if you don't suffer from hair loss, using a conditioning serum is still important; in fact, think about what you might be putting your lashes through by wearing mascara, sticking on heavy false lashes and using eyelash curlers regularly, and your eyebrows through regular plucking or other hair removal!

Using a serum that's packed full of goodness to help those hairs grow stronger and prevent them falling out too soon will change how you apply your eye make-up. The stronger hairs will grow longer, and with fewer falling out, your lash line will look fuller than ever before. For those, like myself, with trichotillomania, we all know those feelings of pulling the hairs out and then desperately waiting for the next few months to see the slightest sign of regrowth. Religiously applying a conditioning lash or brow serum not only help the state of your lashes when they do grow back through (yay to no longer having stubby little lashes!) but I personally swear it helps them grow back through so much faster than when not using a serum. Good news all round!

If you've read this blog before, you may know I'd a bit obsessed with my beloved RapidLash serum. When Kiy-oshi sent me these eyebrow and eyelash serums to try, deep down I doubted they would live up to my all-time favourite. However, after putting these serums to the test for two months, I can confirm that these are equally as good- in fact, I couldn't really tell the difference between the two! Although the ingredients for the eyebrow and eyelash serums are slightly different, I'm sure you could use, say, the eyelash one on both eyelashes and eyebrows and it would have the same effect. The handy little tube doesn't necessarily feel the most expensive (the writing on the front has a tendency to rub off quite quickly), but as we all know, it's what's inside that counts!

I also love the wand; many lash and brow serums use that annoying 'mascara wand' type applicator, but this thinner nib-style wand makes it easy to apply to your lash-line even when there are no lashes there (same with eyebrows). This makes it an ideal serum for hair loss sufferers, as there is no need to already have lashes in order to apply it! I honestly felt as though my lashes grew through much quicker than usual when using this, however the real star was the eyebrow serum. I have never seen my eyebrow hair shoot through so fast as when using the brow serum on them! For £25 each, these are also a relatively good price compared to some of the famous serums out there. They are available to buy on the Kiy-oshi website here, but I am also giving two sets away for you to try them out for yourself and join the serum fan-club. Just fill out the details in the Rafflecopter widget below to be in with a chance of winning both an eyelash and eyebrow serum to put to the test. Please note that this is a UK competition only and if you are under 18, you must have a legal guardian's permission as an address will need to be given. Good luck!

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