Vegan Beauty: Sukin Skincare Which 'Doesn't Cost The Earth'

The beauty industry has expanded so much in recent years; an expansion which mirrors our developments as consumers. We have different demands and needs, and brand are reflecting this. There is such a variety of products available that anyone with specific requirements are now catered for. An increasing number of brands are recognising our call for cruelty-free, natural, organic, vegan and vegetarian products by providing a wealth of different products for us to try. Sukin is another brand who does this, an Australian company offering natural, sustainable and cruelty-free products without the cost which usually comes with these demands.

While I can't vouch for the rest of their hair and skincare products, I have been trying this micellar water and daily moisturiser combo and have been rather impressed. Other items in their repertoire include cleansers, moisturisers, serums, body washes and lotions, shampoos and conditioners. While the packaging is quite basic, it is what is inside which counts. The micellar water is great for roughly taking off any make-up before a good ol' cleanse in the evening, or as a quick cleanse in the morning. It's so effective yet incredibly gentle; my skin can be quite dry and sensitive but the all-natural ingredients have allowed me to use this routinely without any adverse effects. However, the daily moisturiser is probably my favourite of the two. The pump disperses quite a lot (so be wary of that) and the formula does take a fair amount of working in, but it's just such a fab, everyday moisturiser that is great for all skin types. I'm usually quite fussy when it comes to finding the perfect moisturiser but have been using this every day and totally love it (which is high praise indeed).

Aside from the cruelty, paraben and sulphate-free, vegan and natural accolades, Sukin is an amazing brand whose motto "skincare which doesn't cost the earth" is ever-so relevant. Focused on sustainability and natural, botanical formulations, Sukin's products don't come with the hefty pricetag many would pay in this unique, specific market. At under £7 for each of these products, Sukin offers hands-down incredible products for such affordable prices. Their website it also fantastic, offering an A-Z list of every ingredient they use and detailed information on their sustainability focus. If you're in the market for some new skincare products that you know won't harm the planet, definitely check out Sukin.

Have you heard of this Australian brand? Who do you turn to for cruelty-free beauty products?

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