Priming Waters: Efficient, Multifunctional And A Huge Trend To look Out For

When the new year rolls in, one thing that many people are keen to hear about it what will be predicted to be the next big trends for the upcoming 12 months. Will it be a new secret ingredient that we see in all products? Will there be huge influence from one particular country? Will we start incorporating a new step in our skincare? Beauty trends come and go just like fashion, and we're already seeing brands picking up on our interest for something new and innovative. One thing that has started to appear recently is a range of priming waters from a few brands. By now we know that we should be using primers over our moisturiser and underneath our foundation to smooth out the texture of our skin, even out our skin tone and allow base make-up to last all day. However, by eliminating the need for working in any cream primer, these waters could well make our morning routines even more efficient.

These priming waters remind me a lot of face mists, which have been hugely popular for the past year or so. The easy spray pump is a welcome addition to my skincare routine and makes this step even quicker and more efficient than ever. Whilst admittedly, rubbing some primer around your face doesn't even require that much effort, it appears our calls for cutting down any additional time in our increasingly busy days has been heard by the beauty gods. Three sprays of these priming waters (I find spraying onto my forehead and both cheeks sufficiently covers my face), a few seconds waiting for it to absorb and you're good to go and start applying foundation. It cools, soothes and is over in a flash, but, most importantly, how does it hold up as a primer?

The priming element in these is so important, otherwise they run the risk of becoming just another face mist. This Freedom Pro Studio priming water (a new, budget brand who offers vegan and cruelty-free beauty products) is actually more than just a primer. After testing it out for a few weeks, I've come to realise how much potential these trend for priming waters have. While it may not seem like it does much to 'smooth' out your skin, a few spritzes of this before you apply foundation and it really does help your base to last much longer. It may not have the moisturising effects of some primers and leave your skin feeling soft to touch, but these waters are no traditional primer. It's super lightweight, not sticky in the slightest, absorbs quickly, makes make-up last all day, is packed full of multi-vitamins to help boost your skin's radiance, hydrates your skin and can be used on top of foundation too for an extra highlighting effect and glowy boost during the day.

Freedom's Priming Water is a total dupe for the Smashbox alternative and completely affordable at only £6. These mist-like primers are going to be great during the summer due to their cooling and hydrating qualities. Despite lacking the moisturising element of a traditional primer, the hydration from the water has replaced it; I have had no negative effects on my dry skin. You may not feel like you can ditch your traditional primer, but these will revolutionise your skincare routine. Whether they are used to pep up your skin midday, give staying power to foundation, or boost your skin's natural glow, priming waters are great multifunctional products to have. Why buy 7 different products when they can all be purchased in one little bottle?!

What are your thoughts on these priming waters? Will you be ditching your primer for one of these?

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  1. Oh wow, I wish we had that here! I've been interested in the Smashbox one but don't think I can justify the price right now. I'll have to see if I can find any cheaper dupes available in Canada.

    1. I'm sure loads of brands will be launching them soon...definitely keep an eye out for some! x

  2. I have never thought about using a primer water before but I would like to give it a go as it seems so much lighter than gels and creams and I hate a thick/sticky feeling xxx

    1. They are almost invisible on the skin and you can find so many uses for them! xxx


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