Nail Tattoos

Nail art is fast becoming a popular part of women's beauty regimes, with brands like Models Own, Barry M and Revlon bringing out their own nail art pens allowing you to draw on your own patterns, pictures and designs. These are great if you so happen to be talented in the subject of art, or blessed with creativity and a steady hand. However, many, much like myself, aren't.

Cases like this call for a quick fix which still looks good. Countless brands and shops have been flogging their own ranges of nail wraps, stick-on gemstones and top coat 'effects' nail varnishes, in hope of making nail art a whole lot easier.

New on the shelves are these little nail stickers. I've heard that Skin Art also do their own range of black nail stickers with numerous designs, available both online and in Boots, but today I came across this cheaper option.

Superdrug are currently selling these Andrea Fulerton 'nail tattoos', small stickers which can be placed on both dried painted nails or bare nails. I decided to give them a go, opting for a small crown on each of my ring fingers, with a coat of clear varnish over the top to secure them.

The packet cost a mere £1.99, and for such a teeny price they're such an easy, quick way to jazz up your nails. If they bring out some more designs I'll definitely be stocking up!

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