Favourite False Nails To Help Fight Trichotillomania & Dermatillomania

In my 21 years of having trichotillomania, I have never found a way to beat it. The fact that there is no 'cure' per se used to really get me down, but I've since accepted my trich for what it is and started searching for short-term solutions to help fight the urges when they get particularly bad. Whilst it is important to get to the root of the mental health side of the disorder (if you can), it can be equally useful to find little practical ways to curb the physical picking.

One of these ways I've found is wearing false nails. I've written about how I have used them in the past to help combat dermatillomania compulsions (the skin-picking equivalent to trichotillomania) and also how they've stopped me picking at eyebrow scabs after microblading, and they continue to be one of the main ways I try to keep my BFRBs under control. (BFRB stands for 'body focused repetitive behaviours'...an umbrella term for the disorders).

There are certain styles that help me the most- they have to be longer than my own nails and have a slightly pointed design- rounded nails also work but I find I can still pick with square nails. These styles essentially prevent me from being able to physically grab hold of the hair to pull it out, whether this be lashes or brows. Yes, I can always use tweezers if my urges are super bad, but the initial prevention is often enough for me to stop and realise what I am doing and try and make a conscious decision to stop. Without this barrier, I can pick and pull at the hairs and create unlimited damage without even fully realising what I am doing- having that physical barrier gives me time to come to my senses! Over the years I've been trying out false nails, I've found three main brands that I tend to use. There's not one that I use more than the other- they are all equally good at doing the job I want them for! They are....

Elegant Touch

This brand do such an amazing range of false nails that are probably the most durable out of the three listed here. With the styles ranging in price from around £6.50 to £10.00 they are so affordable, especially considering you can get around two week's wear out of them! The designs can be a bit jazzy (some a bit blingtastic for my liking) but the majority are stunning and really well-made. Elegant Touch also mostly do the pointed style of nails which I find best for preventing pulling, so I don't have to searching far for a design that I know will work for me. The nails also fit my own nail bed perfectly which is always a plus! You can find them in Boots and Superdrug (currently 3 for 2!). The nails in the photo are part of the Prima Donna and Fantasy ranges.


They are my faves for false lashes, but their nails are pretty top notch too! Their Gel Fantasy range (around £7.00) offer some great styles for trichotillomania, but it's their Impress collection that really has me swooning. There is so much more choice with the Impress range- so much choice. They are also great if the pointed styles aren't for you; whilst they help me the most, aesthetically I actually prefer slightly shorter, rounded nails and the majority of the Impress nails offer this style. What I love most about these nails is the minimal effort required. There's no faffing around with glue and pressing down each nail until it dries....these are all pre-glued and ready to go! All you have to do is peel off the clear plastic tab on the back of each nail and press onto your own nails. Super easy, and they only cost around £8.00 from Superdrug (currently 1/3 off)...the only downside is I find they only last around a week.


Ah, you can't beat a bit of Primarni. I haven't tried much of their beauty range since it launched and  they revamped it, but I have been brave enough to try out the products you can't really go wrong with...such as nail varnish and false nails! Their nails aren't the best quality (they can bend quite easily and perhaps aren't the sturdiest) but they certainly do the job. I've bought some that have ended up being far too long and claw-like, but they can easily be cut and shaped down to how you like them. I always use the Kiss or Elegant Touch glue to stick them on with so they last a bit longer, but for 50p to £1.00 a packet you can't go wrong. They have so many different shapes, styles and designs to, all for so cheap!

Which false nail brands to you use? Do you have any short-term tactics for overcoming the urges?

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