Kiss True Volume Lashes - 'Chic'

It feels very strange doing a review of some false lashes. Since September, I've generally managed to keep my lashes (save pulling a few odd hairs here and there), and have only really had some small gaps that make minimal difference to my lash line. At the start of this month, I gave in and started to pick a bit more around these small gaps; finding lashes that stuck out around them and before I knew it the gaps grew to half of my lashes. Whilst I didn't wear false lashes to cover it up (opting for mascara on the lashes I had and winged liner to mask the rest), when going out and about for birthday meals and treats I did whack some on. Strangely, this was more because I wanted to get dressed up rather than cover my trichotillomania!

The ones I wore were these gorgeous lashes from my faves Kiss. The style is called 'Chic' and they're part of their True Volume range- by far the most natural looking out of the range ('Ritzy' and 'Spicy' are definitely more glam and full-on!). I had never tried them before, and given that I was missing half of my lashes thought it would be a good excuse to bring back the false lash reviews! From the packaging, these looked quite a lot like my all-time favourites from the Looks So Natural range. In fact, they are very similar in many ways except the length.

As I've harped on about so many times on this blog, these kind of lashes are ideal for covering hair loss because of the way they cross over each other. This subtle overlap looks far more natural (your lashes don't go in straight lines, so this is a huge giveaway with falsies!). In line with the volume-focused theme of this range, this feature coupled with the varying lengths of the lashes give just the right amount of volume and texture. If lashes look too perfect, they're not going to look like their own. Real lashes aren't all the same length, and so the inclusion of some much shorter ones with the longer ones all overlapping each other (albeit very neatly) help to give the illusion that these are your own.

You can tell from the photos that these also have a natural lift; these lashes are incredibly light-weight (as are all Kiss lashes!) meaning that they don't end up drooping despite having nothing to hold them up with and the upwards curve of the lashes can really be seen. The only downside to these lashes comes with this lifted appearance; the longer lashes on the strip are lifted perhaps too much as a result and I did find these slightly too long for everyday wear. For the evening, they were perfect (especially with a bit of mascara on top), but for daytime looks I think the Looks So Natural range still pips it to the number one spot. You can always give them a trim to make them slightly shorter, but you will lose the tapered ends by doing this (a technique used to make the lashes less blunt and again more natural-looking). Annoyingly, I was in a rush to get ready when I wore them so don't have any photos of them on!

Overall, these are really nice lashes and super comfortable to wear- whether you need them for hair loss or not. They are great all-rounders. It's a bit of a shame about the length, but I don't think this will stop me wearing them. The fact that I did have some lashes to hold them up even more may have made them look longer- if you have nothing, they sometimes drop a tad and therefore don't look quite as long and lifted. For around £5, they are such an affordable beauty buy. BUT, I would still highly recommend checking out the Looks So Natural range too.

Which false lashes are you loving at the moment?

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