Flamingo Candles: Glow Getter

Christmas seems like it was so long ago now, but I wanted to quickly share this gorgeous candle which I got from Stewart. All of my candles seemed to burn out at the same time and stocks at home were running dangerously low, and so I popped it on my Christmas list. I don't know how, but Stewart always seems to pick out the most lovely scents and beautifully packaged candles- maybe he's got a good eye (and nose) for them, maybe it's a fluke....we'll never know. Anyway, he got me this incredible 'Glow Getter' candle from Flamingo Candles and I've completely fallen in love with it (and have even been eyeing up some more of their products that are currently in the sale!).

I've actually followed Flamingo Candles on social media for quite a while now and always love seeing photos of their products; the designs are really fun and unique (in their words, 'babein'). I've never tried one, however, as I'm more likely to pop into HomeSense on my lunch-break rather than order a candle online (besides, I quite like to sniff before I buy as I'm quite fussy with fragrance!). This particular candle is a pretty baby pink colour embossed with 'Glow Getter' in red on the front; simple but funky at the same time. Other candles of theirs have pictures instead of slogans (such as flamingos in all colours, snowflakes on their Christmas collections) and they also do an awesome mermaid range which has their classic candle jars (like this one) or tins which have a sprinkling of gemstones and petals on top of the wax.

The Glow Getter candle has a 'rose velvet and precious oud' scent. Rose is one of those distinctive fragrances that you either love or hate- I personally love it so this candle was right up my street! It's soft, light and pretty with floral notes of rose, geranium and jasmine and base notes including amber, musk, cedarwood and sandalwood. Rose can often be overpowering but this gorgeous blend of different notes makes it unusually smooth. There's also vanilla and a touch of raspberry which gives it a little punch of sweetness. Overall, it's a very powerful fragrance that's somehow still soft, sweet and feminine. I completely love it and it's ability to fill the room with gorgeousness almost immediately. From looking online, their other scent combos look equally unique and interesting- many cocktail-inspired and sweet-themed keeping with the underlying fun branding of Flamingo Candles!

I'm very impressed with the quality of the brand thus far (both with the cool packaging and incredible scent). All of their candles and hand-poured and use natural soy wax. If you are a bit of a candle addict like me, I'd 100% recommend trying them out, whether as a treat for you in your next ASOS shop or a gift for your best gal pal. They cost around £12 each- although some are down to £6 in the sale.

Where's your favourite place to stock up on candles?

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  1. This sounds gorgeous - totally my kind of scent!xx

    Lucy | www.lucy-cole.co.uk


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