Gadi 21 Minerals: Nail Set

Winter does no good for our skin. Throughout the cold months, almost everyone experiences the dreaded dry hands and brittle nails which split at every opportunity given. Over the festive season, my mum received this lovely Gadi 21 Minerals nail buffing set, and we were both dying to try it out. The company often have stalls set up in shopping centres, and we had both seen demonstrations using the buffer which resulted in gleaming, perfect nails. Whether we would be capable of replicating these results, however, was a different matter.

The set consists of a buffer, a nail file, cuticle oil and some hand lotion. The buffer has essentially 3 different sides, each ranging in texture to get rid of any ridges and leave you with healthy, shiny nails.

Here are the results from each side of the buffer:

 And here are the results:

 As you can tell from the pictures, the buffer leaves nails with such a perfect shine. There is a significant difference between the Gadi 21 Minerals buffer and cheaper ones you can get from drugstores; with cheaper ones I normally have to apply a clear coat of nail varnish to get the same shine. This buffer claims to leave you with stonger, shinier, healthier nails, but at £39.99 it isn't exactly cheap. You can find the nail set here.

Would you invest in something like this? Do you think the price justifies the results? Let me know your thoughts!

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