Tourist Adventures in London: Hyde Park and Meeting The Queen

OK, so I didn't really meet the Queen of England, but I did visit one of her homes while she was there so that counts, right?! A couple of weeks ago, I met up with some of my friends from university. Seeing as a lot of them live in London, we decided to have a small gathering in the glorious, sun-drenched city, mainly consisting of touristy adventures. Here is a little post about the day!

After meeting at Marble Arch station, Matthew, Alex, Andrew and I headed to Hyde Park to soak up some of the sunshine. We strolled to the Serpentine lake, dodging the geese that lined up along the walkway, and decided to hire some pedalos for half an hour. Although we could've fitted in one, we decided to get two and split into pairs. I think it was £10 for 30 minutes, which seems quite steep but was so worth it for the amount of fun we had!

Pedalo Selfie!

We floated along the lake at a leisurely pace, taking in the sights from around the park and exchanging greetings with fellow boaters who pedalled and rowed past. It was the perfect day for boating, and whilst I was pretty terrified to get on the boat at first (I have a fear of water and fish...don't ask!), the sound of the water lapping around the pedalo while the sun shone down on us was actually quite relaxing!

Once our 30 minutes were up, we headed to an Ask Italian restaurant nearby. We all ordered pizzas, which were delicious but huge, and Alex and I ordered a little cocktail each to complement our day of merriness. Alex chose a lemony cocktail which had sorbet in it, while I went for a sweet moscato wine with raspberries. Both were utterly divine and we took the tiniest sips in order to make it last longer!

Strolling past a row of museums, we met another friend, George, before admiring local monuments and arriving at our new home. I wish! We joined the swarm of tourists hovering around the gates of Buckingham Palace, hoping for a glimpse of the Queen herself. While that wasn't likely, we watched cars go in and out of the palace and stared at the guards patrolling the premises. We all wondered how they coped with those huge, heavy hats on in the burning heat!

Our time of pretending to be royalty was up, and we headed to a nearby cafe for an ice lolly and desperately-needed water. The combination of walking miles and the blistering heat meant we were all parched and sweaty...nice! We met up with another of our university friends, Matt, and decided to take another trip through central London.

Walking through Trafalgar Square to Leicester Square, we encountered a cooling fountain and a floating Yoda. Yep, you read that right! Yoda was hovering above the ground, blowing kisses and waving at passers-by, whilst stood next to an also-floating Grim Reaper. Who knew those two were friends?!

As I had never been to China Town before, the Londoners of our friendship group decided to show me around. I can imagine it looking incredible being all lit up at night. The boys quickly found guitar shops, so Alex and I split off from the group to do a bit of shopping and grab a Starbucks. On a side note, how incredible are the new yoghurt blend drinks?!

After traipsing, pedalling, chatting and eating, it was eventually time to go home. Unfortunately, I had to get on the only train which had no openable windows and broken air-con...I'm sure you can imagine how disgusting that carriage was! I thoroughly enjoyed being a tourist for the day and catching up with great friends- there's nothing better!

What touristy activities would you recommend doing in London?


  1. Absolutely love London! It's so beautiful in the Summer. I was soo hoping you got to meet the Queen! Next time maybe :P xx

    1. I know! The Queen and I will be BFFs one day...xx

  2. This looks like such a fun day, I had a two day trip wednesday-thursday last week and acted like a proper tourist it was so fun! xxx

    1. Sounds lovely! It's such fun doing a bit of sight-seeing and being a tourist for a while! xxx

  3. Awww yisss, this is pretty much what I've been doing all week so far. London is so gorgeous! I haven't been to Hyde Park yet--debating on whether or not to!

    1. You should! The pedalos were so much fun, and there's heaps to do around it too!


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