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There's nothing better in the summer than cooling off, getting your legs out and topping up that tan. What all women want, however, is to look stylish in the process. Whether you're jetting off to somewhere exotic, going for a weekend away in the UK, or just have a party or family event to attend, finding the perfect skirt to suit your style and body shape is essential. Length, shape and print are all vital ingredients to this process, and I've gathered some high street inspiration from my most recent shopping trip to suit all of your needs! Here are the top 4 styles that I've hand-picked for your fashion eyes...

Missguided Mini, £7.49


Probably the most influential fashion item to come out of the 1960s, the mini encapsulates times of fun, freedom and fiestas. These are great little pieces for showing off your tanned pins, or even to wear if you're hoping to soak up some of those rays! H&M have some mini skirts with fantastic prints at the moment, such as this beautiful blue example. I have also picked out some from Missguided and New Look; both of these shops are at the top of their game for those short hemlines this summer!

Gorgeous Blue Mini from H&M

Missguided Mini, £21.99

Black & White mini, New Look, £17.99
Coral scallop hem mini, Asos, £20


The midi skirt always reminds me of those 1940s and 1950s Hollywood stars, like Audrey Hepburn. They were classic style icons, channelling endless elegance and glamour. These skirts are perfect for those who, like me, aren't comfortable flashing too much leg. They are flattering on all shapes and sizes, and just ooze timeless style. Plus, floaty fabrics in this length can be just as cool and breezy on those hot summer days!

Textured midi skirt, H&M, £24.99

Blossom print midi, SheInside, around £13

New Look Floral Midi, £22.99


Skorts are the newest summer garment to hit the high street. When I first saw these, I was a bit sceptical about how they'd look on and was generally dubious about the style. However, I recently picked one up from New Look after seeing everybody wearing them and looking fabulous. And guess what? I LOVE IT. They have the great look of a fancy mini with the added comfort and protection of a good, flexible pair of shorts. One of my main worries with minis is the possibility of flashing everyone, so the fact that these have shorts underneath make me feel a lot safer! New Look are on top form with their collection of skorts, with the best range of prints I've seen so far on the high street. Here are my pick:

New Look Monochrome Aztec Skort, £17.99

New Look Floral Skort, £17.99

New Look Black and White Skort, £22.99


The good ol' skater is forever my default skirt. Whenever I'm going clubbing, going to lectures, or just wandering around town, I head straight to my trusty skater skirt. I'm pretty sure that this style flatters most body shapes- it nips you in at the waist, accentuated by a cute belt, then flows down skimming all the parts you're not so keen on flashing. This style can be short or fall down to the knee, so there's sure to be a skater skirt for everyone. Skater skirts are probably the most common skirt on the high street at the moment, so why not have a shop around and find a print and length that'll make you look a million dollars? Although they are not featured in the photos, Asos always have a fabulous range of this style of skirt.

Missguided Blue Chiffon Skater Skirt, £17.99

H&M Poodle Print Skater Skirt

So there is my (very long) summer skirt wishlist. I hope there are some in here that you also like the look of, leave me a comment if you do! It's always worth having a shop around, try loads of skirts on and find the style that suits you perfectly.



  1. I hated skorts at first, they look fab on other people but I didn't think they'd suit me and then I found an amazing leather skort at Zara in the sale and I'm definitely converted! I love the way you did this post, now I'm going to have to go skirt shopping :P

    1. Same, I thought they'd do nothing for my dumpy legs! I guess you never know until you try some on...! Thanks Allie x

  2. Hi, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out LissyBeauty for rules and whatnot. :)

    Alicia x

    1. Hi Alicia! Thanks so much! I've already done it before but will have a look at your post :) x

  3. WOW, that skirt from sheinside is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so tempted to buy it.. have it open in my browser now haha. I'm not sure how great the quality from that site is though?

    Corinne x

    1. I bought it a couple of weeks ago along with another skirt- delivery is great, such good prices, it fits fabulously and the print is to die for! It is a bit more flared than what the picture shows online, and the material, while silky and light, does feel a bit on the cheap side I guess. I'm glad I bought it and I love it, if that helps your decision! x

  4. I love missguided skirts they are stunning but the H&M textured midi looks gorgeous too I WANT IT haha xxx

    1. Thank you, Missguided always have such a fab range! I think the H&M skirt comes in a few different colours (I saw beige and black in store but there's more online). I can't stop wearing it- so easy to style and SO comfy xxx

  5. Ooooh all the skirts are so pretty! I love the first one and some of the skorts as well <3 xx

    1. The first one is in the sale too! Bargain! xx


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