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Whilst I was out buying these pretty dresses and playsuits, I also bought some new summery accessories to go with them. You can totally revamp an old outfit just by throwing on some new accessories; be it a chunky necklace, a bold bag, a snazzy hat or some bling rings. It instantly updates your look without having to add to your already-bursting-full wardrobe of clothes, and can also save you a lot of money in the process. This is the collection of goodies which I picked up...

Whenever I've wanted a new piece of on-trend jewellery, I've always headed to Primark. This time was no different, and they have a fabulous range of chunky necklaces to offer at the moment. I was torn between a few, but ended up buying this red, blue and gold tribal-inspired piece. I love how this looks like something you'd pick up in New Look or Dorothy Perkins, but only costs a fiver. The interwoven coloured fabrics enmeshed in a yellow gold body makes this a real statement necklace that can transform any outfit in a flash. It goes with pretty much everything, and the black beads which dangle from the necklace make for a little spangly bonus.

I also picked up this headband from Primark. Festival season is well underway, and while I'm not going to any this year, I love the floral hair accessories which are adorning shop shelves. This hairband is quite obviously cheaply made, and Primark have done little to try and hide this fact. However, for £2.50 this is a comfortable piece which is a really fun way to jazz up your summer clothes at the beach, on holiday or festival boogying in a muddy field.

Last but not least we have my final Primark buy. When I'm not sporting my big Paul Costelloe tote to carry around all of my uni stuff, I'm throwing colourful satchel-type bags across my shoulder. I find these perfect for nights out as you're not carrying it around (more hands free to hold drinks) and they're usually just big enough to fit all your necessities in- phone, purse, keys and lipgloss. This Primark bag's bright lemon colour caught my eye instantly! The bold, almost fluorescent colour, contrasted against the black detailing makes it a bright pop of colour to liven up an otherwise dull outfit. It's not made particularly well, and all Primark bags come with at least one small scuff (unless you're super lucky), but for £6 I don't really care!

Next up we have my old favourites- a good ol' set of Kiss false lashes. I repurchased these after I fell in love (you can read my fan-girl esque post here) and have bought exactly the same set as I had last time. While they're not on offer at the moment, I picked them up in Superdrug where I get 10% off with an NUS card. I won't bore you with all the detail on these, as I've already written a full-length review!

Finally, we have this little tube of hair goodness which has caught the attention of many beauty-lovers. It's the L'Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly- you may have seen the adverts for it recently. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my updates on how the trial is going. It is appearing to lighten my hair, but I will do a full review a bit later on when it's had a chance to work its magic! There are 3 different shades available, but I got 'dark blonde to light blonde'. Your hair can be one of your best accessories, so I'm on a mission to see if I can get some highlights from a tube which cost £5.99, rather than taking a trip to the hairdressers!

My dog Finlay also enjoyed my are 2 bonus photos!

Which of these accessories is your favourite?


  1. Oh that dog is so cute!! Love the satchel and will be really interested to hear about the sunkiss jelly, sounds like it's right up my alley! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I should be writing a full review of the sunkiss jelly in the next couple of days so keep a look out! I was quite impressed by it :) My dog, Fin, is loving all the compliments, thank you! x

  2. Ooh sol pretty! Love a good pastel satchel! And your dog is so cute bless him! xx

    1. Thanks Jordan! Satchels are so handy, aren't they? xx

  3. Love the flower headband, it's so pretty and much more subtle than all the crazy ones people appear to be wearing at the moment :P

    1. That was my thinking! I thought it was quite pretty without looking like I'm wearing someone's garden on my head :)


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