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I have been nominated by the lovely Jordan at Hello Miss Jordan and my namesake Sophie at Sophie Louise Anne to do this fairy tale tag. Thanks guys!

I'm not a huge Disney fan, shock horror. In fact, I don't even know who a couple of characters on this list are! Before you all think 'who is she?' (Nikki Grahame style) and 'did she even have a childhood?', I was obsessed with the Little Mermaid when I was kid! Anyway, this tag looked super fun, so here goes...

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Snow White: Do You Consider Yourself Beautiful?

I would say no, mainly because beautiful is a strong word and it seems a bit weird to describe yourself as beautiful. However, I am proud of the way I look because it's me, and proud of my body because it's mine (even if a few parts do wobble!).

Sleeping Beauty: How Many Hours Do You Sleep At Night?

This literally changes every night. It depends on my timetable, whether it's the weekend, whether I'm at uni or at home. At home I get less sleep as I'm a 'housewife' and have to get up early to look after my babydogs. Does that washing basket look full?...

Cinderella: Do You Have A Curfew?

I've never had a curfew, mainly because before uni I never went out! When I turned 18 I spent most of my time studying or looking after my Grampy who was ill at the time, so my parents didn't have to worry about their little bookworm staying out too late!

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Rapunzel: Do You Love Being Outside?

I do, permitted it's not peeing it down outside. I love going out in the snow- it makes me feel 6 years old again! When I lived in uni accommodation, we had woods and fields literally outside our kitchen window. I loved going for random long walks with my housemates and other friends.

Red Riding Hood: Do You Trust Strangers Easily?

On the surface, yes. I talk to anyone, and provide a superficial level of trust, but I never fully trust anyone until I've known them long enough or they've done something to truly earn my trust. Not that I have trust issues or anything....!

Beauty and the Beast: What Makes Someone Beautiful In Your Eyes?

Being a good person. Listening, being honest, not bitchy, and truly being there when someone needs them. Loyalty is second to none.

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The Little Mermaid: What Would You Sacrifice For Love?

Nothing! I don't see why I should sacrifice anything I love for someone else.

The Frog Prince: What Do You Find Disgusting?

Firstly, who is the frog prince?! I find feet, people who spit on the street, self-obsession, cruelty to people and animals and the sound of people eating utterly disgusting. Maybe not in that order.

Jack and the Beanstalk: What Plants Do You Have?

Ummm, none? I'm not really a plant person!

Puss In Boots: Do You Have Pets? If Not, Do You Want Them?

I have 2 Golden Retrievers, Maggie and Finlay, as I'm sure most of you are aware as I never stop going on about them! I would love to have a cat too though. I'm a total crazy cat lady; I don't feel complete without one.

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Pinocchio: What's Your Biggest Wish?

For my family to be healthy and happy.

Peter Pan: What Is Your Mental Age?

Probably about 80. I'm such a Granny at heart!

The Snow Queen: Who Is Your Best Friend And What Would You Do For Him/Her?

My housemate/bestie Jenny. We were randomly thrown into a student house together, and I would have lived with her all 3 years of uni when we graduate. I would literally do anything for her, mainly because I know the favour would be returned- that's TRUE friendship! We're planning our futures around making sure that we're near to each other, if not living together! We talk regularly about how we'll be 70 odd, single, living together, baking cakes and generally getting up to mischief! I miss her even if I'm away for a week, I think she may be my soul mate...

The Princess and the Pea: Are You Sensitive?

I used to be very sensitive, now I've given up caring what anyone thinks! I've definitely grown a thick skin over the years!

The Brave Little Soldier: Do You Consider Yourself Brave?

Who is the brave little soldier?! Anyway, I would like to think I am, but in reality, probably not. I think I'm more strong out of necessity than brave!

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Thank you for the tag guys! I like doing these, they make a change from beauty reviews and give a bit more of a personal insight! Hope you enjoyed reading it!

I tag:

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Hope you have fun doing this, let me know if you write the post!
Snow White - Do you consider yourself beautiful?
Snow White - Do you consider yourself beautiful?
Snow White - Do you consider yourself beautiful?


  1. I feel exactly the same way about the sound of people eating! I actually have to leave the room when someone is eating with their mouth open because I can't cope... Glad I'm not alone there!

    1. I just glare and hope they get the right idea...Ha!


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