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As you can probably tell, when I have time I love playing around with nail art. Not only is it fun to do, but it looks fab and can be the 'cherry on top' when it comes to an outfit. For this particular look, I only used three products. It's a piece of cake to do yet still has a really cool, 60s vibe.

I started off with a clear base; this not only helps to maintain strong and healthy nails, but also prevents a lot of staining which occurs when you remove any colour varnish. I then applied 2 coats of Collection's 'French White' polish (shade 103).

Once this was dry, I used my Andrea Fulerton 'Dot and Flick' nail art pen in black to draw a cross on each nail; one line from the middle of the nail down, and another horizontal. I then coloured two diagonally opposite sections which were created with the black nail art pen, and drew two little black dots in the white sections of every other nail.

The Andrea Fulerton pen takes under a minute to dry, so I was quickly able to paint on two white dots in the black sections of the nails which didn't have black spots on them. That sounds a bit confusing, but it's clearer in the pictures! Once the white dots were dry, I simply covered with a good helping of clear varnish and voila!

A lot of nail art can take a lot of time and be quite a faff, but because this only has a few simple layers this look is super-speedy in comparison.

Have you tried this nail art look?


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