Viva España!

Yesterday, after an hour long ride on a Spanish bus at 4am which played a select playlist of cheesy, top-volume Europop, then hopping on a plane, I landed back in Blighty. Three friends and I booked a cheap holiday to Palamos in Spain a couple of months ago as a celebration of finishing our first year at university. Using up our budget of £200 after some smooth haggling with a holiday company, the 2nd of July soon came about and we boarded a plane to sunny Spain.

Waiting at the airport

I was apprehensive for many reasons; the last time I holidayed in Spain it ended in disaster, the company we booked with seemed a bit...dodgy, and it was so cheap we thought we'd end up in the slums of Spain. Things didn't bode well in the trip to the hotel, as the taxi driver seemed to not know that you were supposed to only drive on one side of the road, and appeared to have never heard of a stopping distance.

However, despite all of these fears, we arrived at the most gorgeous hotel which deserved more than 3* - the Aparthotel Palamos. We got to our room, which had a balcony overlooking the large swimming pool. We were told we had arrived a couple of days before the Spanish holidays started, so for the first two days we practically had the sunbeds, hotel, beach and swimming pool to ourselves!

The 4 of us
Palamos is a beautiful place, with long sandy beaches, calm, clear sea, numerous little coves, and streets of family-run tapas and seafood restaurants. In the first couple of days it seemed like a little sleepy fishing port, and even though more people came to holiday there throughout the week it still retained its relaxed feel. The actual place is situated about an hour or so north of Barcelona, along the Costa Brava north-east coast of Spain.
Palamos crepe banter

We went to Barcelona for one day whilst in Spain, the first time I'd ever been, and was completely overwhelmed by its beauty. Staying around the centre of the city, we visited Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, one of the most stunning pieces of architecture I'd ever seen. Every street has at least one unusual, picturesque or just outright beautiful building, and you could spend all day staring at the many monuments and fountains the city had to offer.

The Sagrada Familia
The week away was total bliss, and I would completely recommend anyone wanting a holiday in the sun to stay there or in a nearby town. You really do get the best of both worlds; a sleepy town with a sandy beach and clear sea, with one of the world's most beautiful, bustling cities just two bus rides away. The holiday blues are already kicking in!


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