GOSH Nail Glitter

I love nail gimmicks, so this little pot of nail glitter from GOSH is ideal. It's such an easy way to jazz up your nails; dip one of your nails into the pot while it's still wet and you've got a statement nail. This GOSH glitter is far more simple and far less fiddly than other types of nail art, such as flimsy nail stickers or tiny nail gems, making it the perfect accessory to your nails.

There are 8 wonderful different shades to choose from, but I went for 'Rose Quartz'- a medium pink but lightest of those available. It looks gorgeous and seems like a great idea for special occasions, but I was apprehensive about the idea of loose glitter going everywhere and how long it would last.

You could use clear nail varnish if you want the glitter on each nail, or use a base colour if you want to create a statement nail, as I did in this instance. While your nail is still wet, all you have to do is dip it into the pot of glitter, making sure the whole nail is covered. Then, just wipe off the excess around your nail, and voila!

I really love the effect, and was surprised that it didn't end up going everywhere! I like how the matte glitter effect makes it stand out from all the glitter nail varnishes available. Despite this, with nothing over the glitter I doubt it would last more than a day.

However, although the matte effect was beautiful, I wanted to make sure it lasted longer so put a coat of clear varnish over the top. Normally with things like this, it would ruin the colour and the glitter in it, but I personally like it equally as much as the matte look. It reminds me of a really good quality, intense glitter varnish.

Essentially, for a pot of glitter which costs £3.99 in Superdrug, you get the option of so many looks; which nails you put it on, and whether you leave it matte or turn it into a glitter-type varnish. Either way it's so much fun to mess about with and doesn't cost a great deal!

I'll definitely be stocking up in other colours.

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