Ideal Home Show

Last month, my mum and I managed to get hold of some free tickets to the Ideal Home Show in Earls Court. I thought it would be full of middle-to-old-aged women cooing over sofas but I was so wrong. Yes, OK, some parts were a little bit like that, but it was such a big exhibition there was definitely something to be found to suit everyone's interests.

Incredible London Underground themed cakes

Upstairs, there were two zones; one dedicated to food (free samples galore), the other was to beauty products and shopping. In order to flog their products, stalls were selling their products at dirt cheap prices, although haggling did help too. MoYou gave an offer of 4 nail stamping plates and the equipment to go with it for £20, and Amika offered over half price hair curlers and straighteners.

We left, however, with some gorgeous handmade soaps and bath bombs from Fizz, Fru & Lou, a bag of wax crystals with 10 wicks for £8 from Alexander Interiors, and too many free samples of cheese and salami for it to be considered healthy.

Fizz, Fru & Lou; the bath products look suspiciously edible

Downstairs was the interior design, conservatories, swimming pools, garden features and mini shows led by guest hosts. They even had the 'ideal home' set up which you could have a tour through. Some of the designs were stunning; I was particularly drawn to a collection of beach-front-style garden huts and a hot-tub with a built-in bar. I can dream! Despite wandering around imagining our garden could hold all of these wonderful things, we left purchasing a state-of-the-art dog brush. I may not have a flash hot-tub but at least my dogs are now perfectly groomed. There are always positives.

Here are my top three stalls:

1. Fizz, Fru & Lou bath products: gorgeous, innovative bath bombs and soaps, perfect as little gifts and more individual than the same-old high street products.

Cake.. I mean... Soap

2. Sass & Belle: pretty, girly and vintage home decoration products for a very good price.

3. Alexander Interiors: beautiful, chic candles. We bought the wax crystals to put in a glass container; as you refill it whenever the crystals are used up, you can add a different scented oil each time.

There is a Christmas Ideal Home Show from the 13th-17th November in Earls Court, London. Tickets are available to purchase now.

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