It's A Wrap

Last summer I tried out some Primark nail wraps, and although I wasn't overly impressed with the designs, the quality was surprisingly OK for a £1 spend. Being busy over the holidays and throughout New Years, I didn't have time to sit down and properly do my nails, so I thought I'd try out some more nail wraps.

Whilst doing the last of my Christmas shopping, I found these 'glitter effect' nail wraps in New Look. I bought these in black, although they were also available for the same price in gold. My last encounter with nail wraps didn't end particularly well- although the Primark ones only cost £1, they were fiddly to put on and were incredibly thin.

However, I thought these New Look ones would score a bit better, seeing as they were not only a little more expensive, at £2.99, and thicker. Hence I assumed they would be less prone to ripping as easily as the Primark ones might have, especially as higher price normally equals better quality.

In short, I was wrong. The Primark nail wraps gave enough for two separate wears, whereas the New Look ones only gave enough for one (you get six left over, so you can't even cut them to shape and wear them again).

As soon as I put the nail wrap onto my nail and went to shape it around the tip of my nail, the wrap started to split. I kind of expected that it would tear as it was shaped around the nail, but not to the extent that it did. Although the Primark ones were far more flimsy, these were way too thick and not flexible enough, and so even when you cut the excess off it'd start to rip- as seen in the picture below.

The wraps aren't even sticky enough to patch it together again. They were always on the verge of falling off my nails; even when I pressed it onto my cuticle they would not stay put and filing them down was an impossible task that I eventually gave up on. I expected far better quality than what they gave.

Despite all this, a positive can be salvaged. The design of the nail wraps are gorgeous, especially for £2.99- still far cheaper than Nail Rock wraps. They're jam-packed with glitter which catches the light perfectly and if, by chance, they do stay on your nail rip-free, they do look great.

 Yet although they are relatively cheap and do look good, the quality is extremely poor. I would definitely carry on buying Primark nail wraps over these. Although Primark ones aren't perfect, they are far better for what you pay; 50p per wear compared to paying £3 for poor quality nail wraps that don't last long at all.

The New Look wraps are now in the sale for £2, although they're sold out online. The gold nail wraps are also sold in Topshop for £5.


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