This Little Piggy...

This week's nails are inspired by some farmyard style nail art I came across whilst surfing the net for some new nail blogs to read. As I scrolled through many pretty pictures of perfectly groomed and painted nails, partly reading to find some new favourite blogs and partly trying to get some nail inspiration, I came across some cow print nail art; the statement ring finger nail had been turned into the face of a miniature mooing animal while the other nails were covered in the black and white print.

With my inspiration sorted in the form of cute farmyard animals, I used the same sort of idea, painting a pig onto the nail of my middle finger and creating little white dots over a bright pink polish on the others. As a base colour for most of the nails, I used Collection 2000's Hot Looks polish in 'Siren'- a bold, slightly shimmery almost neon pink.

For the middle finger nail, I used Bourjois' So Laque! in 'Rose Lounge'; a very, very pale pink that's barely noticeable. This was just to create a base colour as the pig nail art would only cover up half of the nail.

For the little nail polish piggy, I used 17's 'Fairy Cake' from their Candy Collection- I've used this in quite a few posts and had it for quite a while now so thought I'd get this one last use from it. This polish has quite a flat brush, so it was fairly easy to create the semi-circle from the tip of the nail to about a third up- this creates the base for the pig's face.

Next, I took the hot pink polish again and created another mini semi-circle inside the light pink one and also painted on two tiny triangles on either side of the big semi-circle for the ears, using the pointed end of a cuticle stick.

While this was drying, I used Collection 2000's 'French White' (part of their French manicure range) to paint little white dots over the other four pink nails. I thought I was going to have to use a cuticle stick for this too, but the as the brush on the polish was quite thin, it was easy to use the edge to create the dots instead.

To finish the look, I used the Andrea Fulerton 'Dot and Flick' black nail art pen to dot two eyes onto the light pink part, and then two small lines onto the darker pink to create the snout. When it was all dry I added a top coat of Rimmel's Nail Rescue.


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