Cupcake Nails

With half of my family on a diet at the moment, I've been told my cake-making has to be put on momentary hold for the sake of slimming. As a result, I am now getting baking withdrawal symptoms (as you do!) so searched Youtube for some cute nail tutorials. I found a few tutorials for cupcake manicures, and, naturally in my state of cakelessness, decided to try the designs out, putting my own twist on them.

Most I videos I watched used small gems for decorations and other little stick-on bits and bobs to make 'hundreds and thousands' style decoration on the miniature cakes. But with me not owning any art and craft stuff of the sort, I just stuck with a lovely array of rainbow coloured varnish, technicolour dreamcoat stylie.

I started off with a clear basecoat (far right in the picture), before taking the dark pink BeautyUK colour and painting across and covering the tip of the nail, keeping a steady straight line as if doing a French manicure. If the line isn't how you want it, simply take a cotton bud, dip it in nail varnish remover and wipe away any unwanted excess.

Once this was dry, I took a wooden cuticle stick and dipped one end in E.L.F 'Smokey Brown' nail varnish, applying it to the nail in small vertical stripes. This would probably be far easier with a small nail or paintbrush, but the makeshift applicator wasn't too bad. After I had about 3 or 4 stripes on the tip, like in the picture below, I left it to dry and got an opened-up bobby pin ready for the next stage.

This bit was probably the trickiest for me- firstly because I don't own a proper dotting tool (ooops) and secondly because I chose a really old, gummy nail varnish that I should, maybe, perhaps, throw away. However, the colour of 17's 'Fairy Cake', which I used in the 'Girly Gradient' post, was perfect for the actual cake part of these nails. I dipped the open bobby pin in the varnish and started dotting the polish onto the nail to make a fluffy cloud-like shape, leaving about a third of the nail still clear.

Due to the rubbish quality of that polish, it took ages for it to dry, but when it did, I used the other, pointier end of the cuticle stick and dipped it into the Barry M in shade 134 (yellow), painting 2 or 3 dots in random places on the light pink. I then cleaned the polish off and repeated the process for the 2True 'Citric Lime' green colour (shade 4) and then Collection 2000's Hot Looks polish in shade 32 'BMX Bandit' until there's a nice spread of multi-coloured dots over the pink for the cake decoration.

To finish off the true cupcake look, I took the unused end of the bobby pin and placed one dot of Collection 2000 Lasting Colour in 'Fire Engine' on top of the pink cake to create the cherry on top.

When all the dots were eventually dry, I added 2 coats of Rimmel's clear nail hardening varnish just to strengthen the nails and prevent any chipping on this gorgeous, fun, cute design. Who needs baking with nails like these?!


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