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For a change today, I thought I'd do a more fashion-angled post and show you some of the jewellery I've been wearing this week. I'm not really one to accessorise through belts or masses of bracelets, opting for the finger-bling and necklace combination, both in the daytime and for a night out.

As I normally wear fairly subtle, plain outfits, I like to create my style and look through the way I accessorise- it's cheaper and easier for me to buy a few pieces of statement clothing so I have that extra bit more to spend on jewellery as a way of jazzing up an outfit. I love how much a good bit of bling can bring to clothes, turning something fairly boring into a stylish, up-to-date look, so here are my recent bargain buys that have been adorning my neck and fingers this week.

Firstly, the rings. I am a massive fan of rings. Big, bold statement ones, or a few smaller ones, they're a great way of instantly bringing colour, fun and style to an outfit. I bought the rings above from Primark- although many people turn their nose up at the thought of Primani jewellery, I absolutely love the fact that you can get big, edgy, stylish statement rings for a fraction of the price you would typically pay in most other high-street shops.

I bought the turquoise and boat rings for £2 each, while the round coral one was £2.50. That's a total of £6.50 for three statement rings where you'd normally pay around that for 1 or 2 elsewhere. Although the coral ring is a bit too chunky for everyday wear, the other two are perfect for any time of day and any place- and they're cute too!

The next ring is a super-bargain from Matalan. I initially went in there looking for a duvet for uni, until I got sidetracked by the jewellery sale in the corner. Although I don't normally go for this style with the two combined rings, it was only marked as £1 so I thought I'd just go for it and try something different, especially as it wasn't too striking.

When I went to pay for it, it was actually only 50p (even better), and I totally love it. However, it's not the most practical- it looks great when you're hand is flat down but as soon as you start moving, the chain gets a bit tangled and you have the letters L, O, V and E flying around your fingers so it can get a bit annoying.

Both of the necklaces in the pictures are from New Look. I bought them recently in the sale- the 'love' necklace was £2 while the other was £2.50- and am completely obsessed with both of them. The 'love' one is better for the day, as it's subtlety means that it goes with every outfit, whereas the blue one is great as a statement necklace with an LBD.

So there you have my bargain buys- I find it so much cheaper to either wait until the jewellery is in the sale or until Primark do a £2 copy. It ends up saving you almost half the money you would've spent whilst still allowing you to update your outfit.

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