Who walks with £50,000? You don’t decide.

Big Brother has always been rife with controversy over the years, whether it was the racism issue surrounding Celeb Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty in 2007, or the disqualification of Emily Parr for using racially offensive language that very same year. This year has been no different. Or has it?

In a twist of fate, this year’s series of Big Brother introduced ‘The White Room’ where 3 contestants, soon whittled down to 2, battled it out for a free ‘golden ticket’ pass to the Final in 9 days time. However that was not the only twist in the tale. The two men left standing, Conor McIntyre and Luke Scrase, had to decide between themselves who would have the pass to the final, and who would take home half of the prize fund, a massive £50,000, and leave the house immediately.
Conor McIntyre
 This would be perfectly easy to swallow, but as it happens the man who broke fellow housemate’s trust and walked with the money, Conor, is being investigated by Ofcom after 1000s of people complained about some comments he made about another housemate, Deana. Following?

These comments weren’t just flippant remarks that deserve a mere stern talking to in the Diary Room, they were graphic words of extreme violence and abuse. He appeared to hate Deana with a passion for no sufficient reason, which I could handle as I understand that some people just don’t get along, that’s a human fact. But it was the comments which stated that, and I quote, he would “get [her] epilator, stick it up [her] a***” and “stick this [referring to a barrel hair brush] up her f****** m**** the stupid b******”. Continuing from this, ahem, explosive and quite worrying outburst, when asked what he’d do if she threw a glass of water over him as previous contestants have done, he said “she’s a f****** piece of sh**…I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out. I’d say ‘get off the mat you piece of sh**’”.

Deana Uppal
I normally only watch the one show in the evening, and was initially a bit confused at the uproar as the normal TV show had only vaguely said that he’d threaten to punch her in the face, that Big Brother had briefly spoken to him about it, given him a ‘formal warning’ and pretty much swept it out of the way and deeply under the carpet. When I was told to find the full extent of what he said in a clip on YouTube, I was utterly disgusted. I couldn’t believe that contestants in previous series have been kicked out for saying one offensive word, yet this man can ‘joke’ about raping a woman with a hairbrush and epilator before beating her to a pulp and get away with a formal warning which, quite frankly, means nothing.

Although he claims to have been joking, with a few other housemates there at the time laughing along with him, I don’t doubt the sincerity in which he said it for one minute. If he is able to think those thoughts and say them on national television, what’s preventing him from thinking like that again or even following through with his actions next time?

Undeserving 'winner' of £50k
If he had eventually been punished by the public or the producers for this horrific outburst on an innocent woman who appears to have done nothing malicious towards him, I might be able to cope with it. It’s the way the producers sugar-coated it and made everyone completely forget about it which is the problem. Not forgetting the fact that he has now walked away with £50,000 of the deserved winner’s money in his back pocket, coming out of the house to a cheering crowd...no boos!

I honestly think that a man who has said such disgusting things about another human, let alone woman, and trivialised such sick notions should be punished somehow, like in previous years, not rewarded with £50k. Here’s hoping he gives some of that money to charities supporting women against domestic violence. Not likely, but we can hope.

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