Rainbow Nails

Having your nails decorated with a French manicure is well-known to be a timeless look. It's subtle, chic and a classic way to wear your talons wherever you go, making it a favourite amongst most women. I thought I'd adapt this chic polished look, giving a young, fresh twist to a style that can often be overlooked; it's so subtle that it can often go unnoticed. Instead of using white tips on the end of my nails, I ransacked my nail varnish box and found a lovely array of colours which I have collected over time. Ranging from bright reds, pinks and purples, to soft pastel blues, I made each tip a different colour to create a manicure which is both understated, bright and colourful at the same time. If you want to try out this fun-yet-chic look, here's the how-to...

1. Get your ten colours lined up and paint on a base coat! Mine were a range of brands, for example, BeautyUK, 17 cosmetics, 2True, Primark and Collection 2000.

2. In one of the colours, paint a fairly thin line, about 1/5th of your nail length or until the white tip of your nail (plus a bit more as a fair bit of it will be rubbed away) is covered. Do this for each nail, using a different colour each time.

3. When your nails are dry, take 10 cotton buds. Dip the cotton bud in some nail varnish remover and, starting from the middle of the nail, wipe it across the nail in a small arch shape to get rid of any excess varnish. This process will also shape the varnish to the contour of the tip of the nail, and as the strip is made smaller, will make it look more natural (or as natural as multicoloured nails can look!).

4. Once this has been done for all the nails, the strip of varnish is the size you want it and is dry, take a natural coloured nail varnish- I used W7' in 'Sheer Peach' (68). I used 2 coats of this, but only painted up to the coloured tip, not covering it. You could cover it but I didn't want to risk ruining the colour in any way.

5. When the natural colour has fully dried, paint on a top coat of clear nail varnish and it's done!

I really love this look; it's a statement way to wear your nails without going too over-the-top with fancy nail art etc, especially if you want bright, colourful nails while keeping it very chic and sophisticated. Although it does take a bit of time (the colourful tips may need a couple of coats to give the full effect), I definitely think it's worth it!

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