Karma Chameleon

I've just got back from a lovely spa weekend in Birmingham, but unfortunately making too much use of the pool and jacuzzi did no wonders for my nails. Despite being relaxed, having glowing skin and spending all of my money in the Bullring shopping centre, my nails came away a little worse for wear as all of my varnish had chipped. Luckily, I took a detour from New Look and popped into Superdrug, initially in search for the new 17 colour switch nail varnish range; a polish which applies as the colour in the pot but as soon as clear varnish touches it, changes colour. I couldn't find this, and instead, I discovered a collection in the Barry M section with exactly the same concept, although for about 50p more.

I bought a Barry M 'Chameleon' polish in pink (shade 330)- this polish turns purple when clear nail varnish is applied. Normally with Barry M nail varnishes, you need a good two or three coats of it until it turns completely opaque and the true colour comes through, so I was dubious about the quality of the varnish. However, this nail polish really surprised me- only one coat is needed, something which hardly ever happens with most nail varnishes in this price range.

 Like most Barry M polishes, the brush makes for a smooth application, but as usual with these you have to make sure there's not too much polish on the brush otherwise it goes so gummy and smudges immediately- something you definitely don't want if you're putting a clear varnish on top.

The colour on it's own is gorgeous; although the whole point of the polish is making it change colour and creating different, multi-coloured designs, I would quite happily wear this colour by itself. It's a metallic, subdued shade of pink that although is fairly dark, is totally wearable and quite subtle and sophisticated.

I used Rimmel Nail Rescue 14 day hardening treatment clear nail varnish to change the colour (the same I use for a usual base and top coat), but any form of clear varnish works. I decided to do a small strip of the clear polish across the tip of the nail to create a modern, colourful twist on a traditional French manicure without trying to find two colours that match. The pink turns a bold, fairly dark purple where the clear varnish is applied; the two colours really complement each other making it a perfect combination for a design like this. You could also try doing stripes across the nail if your brush is thin enough, one vertical stripe down the side of the nail, or even try covering the nail on your ring finger with the purple for a statement nail look.

Barry M Chameleon nail varnish is priced at £3.99 at Superdrug or Boots.

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